Open everyday 9AM-12PM

Join us all day for delicious sourdough bread & pastries, house-made meats and burgers, staple/selected dishes, and fun, beach-ready picnic boxes. 

Enjoy an amazing array of coffees, fresh juices, and cocktail mixers on our rooftop or takeaway.

Where to find us

You can contact us by phone or Whatsapp 00201022514677

Behind the name

“RATIOS” refers to the foundation of any good bread—the perfect balance of flour + water + salt.

The magic happens in the details—quality, technique, time, and process.

Truly good bread, like good food, is crafted through experience, hand and eye, not a conveyor belt.

“RATIOS” means we keep our recipes to the best and most basic. Real food. Simple, clean, delicious.

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